My Habits

My Habits includes a wide range of fully customisable Habit modes, and works on all Pebble devices, including the classic black and white Pebble, with the Timeline update. It also includes a developer API to allow third-party developers to integrate Habits into their own apps/faces.

Featured Integrations: Snowy the personal voice assistant, and Modular the next generation watchface.


  • Each time you complete your Habit, your streak goes up. Miss it, and your streak is reset... Try not to break the streak!
  • Supports Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, and Custom Streaks.
  • Set a custom frequency from 15 minutes, right up to 12+ months between Habits!
  • Configure nudges to encourage you to complete for Habit, if you miss the reminder.


  • Track Daily and Weekly Count Habits, such as drinking 8 glasses of water a day, or exercising 5 times a week.
  • Customize the time between reminders, from 15 minutes to multiple days.
  • Enable Forceful Mode (or as some call it, nag mode!) to encourage you to complete your Habit.
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Pebble Time Round Screenshot
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Other Features

  • Select which days to complete the Habit on. Weekdays? Weekends? Only Tuesdays and Thursdays? No problem!
  • View statistics and graphs of your Habits progress on the website.
  • IFTTT Maker Channel support with custom Maker Events per Habit.
  • Hidden Mode - hide reminders from your timeline to keep it de-cluttered, but still receive notifications when it's time to complete your Habit.
  • Random Mode - reminders are set at a (mostly) random time, to make them harder to predict and avoid. (Protip: Hidden and Random work really well together!)
  • Relative Mode - will set the next reminder time based on the last response time, rather than a fixed interval.
  • Offline support - retry responses until you have an active connection.
  • Third-Party API account access - integrate Habits into your app!
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Where to get it?

My Habits is available as a paid upgrade to the popular Habits app, which is available in the Pebble App Store:

Contact and Support

My Habits is the creation of Stephen and Gen at Zevive. Contact us with any questions, suggestions, or would just like to chat about Habits.


"For me the Habits app was the most important reason to get a pebble. I have in fact been purposefully forming habits for years. Oh, I wish I had been able to benefit from inconspicuous alerts + check-marking habits on the wrist, as well as easily setting them up & checking progress from the computer. But I'm so glad this is possible now thanks to you! In my opinion this should be an app delivered with the standard set of pebble applications."

"Thank you so much for building habits, I use it every day and it is helped me implement several important habits."

"Thanks! Looking forward to seeing this app grow because it's exactly what I need!"

"Great app and looking forward to what's next."